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Save the Orangutans

Planetfunder is a project of the Rainforest Information Centre. With the collective help of those who support and donate they protect and restore the natural world and fight against the odds to protect many dying species and protect the earth.

Their mission is the maintenance of the biological integrity of planet Earth. This enables Planetfunder to support a broad range of conservation projects including environmental education to help people create sustainable communities, renewable energy to reduce carbon pollution, community supported agriculture and Permaculture and the protection and restoration of ecosystems and their biodiversity.

In 1990 the Rainforest Information Centre established its Small Grants Fund and has since provided over $500,000 to hundreds of projects, often in circumstances or countries where organisations would have difficulty in obtaining funding from conventional sources. Funding for the Small Grants Program is now being generated largely through Planetfunder, which is growing the amount of funds available for projects.

A cause that is close to our hearts and the main focus of Planet Funder’s efforts is to protect Sumatra’s rainforests that are currently are being cut down and set ablaze to clear land for oil palm plantations. This is an absolute tragedy for critically endangered wildlife and thousands of animals have lost their homes and undoubtedly their lives to the flames. We know there is a very direct way of protecting rainforest land for wildlife and ensuring it stays protected forever – buy it, own it and manage it for wildlife conservation. This provides real, tangible outcomes where success is guaranteed. If you feel you would like to make a contribution to this vital cause please click here to visit the Planet Funder website to make your donation.


Saving Critically Endangered Bornean Orangutans

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